I offer information about Ukraine
and services in Ukraine
for your business or personal use
Information regarding business regulations in Ukraine, laws, taxes, etc. related to your business
Market surveys and analysis. News monitoring and translation.
Search for certain products, companies, people, contacts.
Registration of your business in Ukraine. Obtaining required permits and other official papers
Services of a local representative of your business in Ukraine or any tasks on your behalf
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I can do it because I...
...am located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine
...fluently speak Ukrainian, Russian and English languages
...know people and mentality of people in Ukraine
...have a University degree in economics from one of the best Universities in Ukraine
...have 20 years of experience in management and consulting at different markets
...am lecturing Ukrainian individuals concerning business start-ups and taxes in Ukraine for last 8 years

How it works
  • You contact me and explain the task
  • We discuss it and in most cases you will get answers already during this discussion
  • If the task requires more thorough approach I will inform you estimated time needed and price basing on minimum fee of EUR10 per hour.
  • If the fee will be too high for the task, I will try to give you some free advices on how you can solve your problem